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Beautiful Visualization - 2010.pdf
Beginning Python Visualization, 2nd Edition.pdf
Data Visualization A Successful Design Process - 2012.pdf
Data Visualization with D3.js Cookbook - 2013.pdf
Data Visualization With JavaScript - 2015.pdf
Distributed Network Data - From Hardware To Data To Visualization - 2013.pdf
High Impact Data Visualization With Power View Power Map And Power BI - 2014.pdf
Interactive Data Visualization For The Web - 2012.pdf
Interactive Data Visualization for the Web.pdf
Learning IPython For Interactive Computing And Data Visualization - 2013.pdf
Learning QlikView Data Visualization - 2013.pdf
Lumion 3D Best Practices - Explore The Best Practices To Build Architectural Visualizations Efficiently In Lumion 3D - 2015.pdf
Mastering Gephi Network Visualization - Produce Advanced Network Graphs In Gephi And Gain Valuable Insights Into Your Network Datasets - 2015.pdf
RaphaelJS - Graphics And Visualization On The Web - 2013.pdf
SketchUp 2014 For Architectural Visualization 2nd Edition - 2014.pdf
Unity For Architectural Visualization - 2013.pdf
Visual Intelligence.pdf
Visualizing Data - 2007.pdf
Communicating Data With Tableau - OReilly 2014.pdf
Rapid Graphs with Tableau 8, The Original Guide for the Accidental Analyst - Apress 2014.pdf
Tableau Dashboard Cookbook - Packt Publishing 2014.pdf
Tableau Visual Guidebook.pdf

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