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Building Microservices 2015.pdf
Distibuted Systems - Design And Algorithms - 2011.pdf
DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS Concepts and Design - George Coulouris 5th Edition.pdf
HornetQ Messaging Developer S Guide - 2012.pdf
Interscience Design and Analysis of Distributed Algorithms - Wiley Oct 2006.pdf
Models And Analysis For Distributed Systems - 2011.pdf
RabbitMQ Cookbook.pdf
RabbitMQ Essentials - 2014.pdf
RabbitMQ In Action - Distributed Messaging For Everyone - 2012.pdf
Running Mainframe Z On Distributed Platforms - 2014.pdf
SOA In Practice - The Art Of Distributed System Design - 2007.pdf
Storm Blueprints Patterns For Distributed Real Time Computation - 2014.pdf
The DRuby Book - Distributed And Parallel Computing With Ruby - 2012.pdf
ZeroMQ - Use ZeroMQ And Learn How To Apply Different Message Patterns - 2013.pdf

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