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Beginning Software Engineering.pdf
Being Geek - The Software Developer S Career Handbook - 2010.pdf
Case Study Research in Software Engineering - 2012.pdf
Design Patterns Explained.pdf
Erlang Programming - A Concurrent Approach To Software Development - 2009.pdf
Functional And Object Oriented Analysis And Design - An Integrated Methodology.pdf
Morgan Kaufmann Publishing - Object-Oriented Construction Handbook.pdf
Optimizing HPC Applications With Intel Cluster Tools - 2014.pdf
Parallel Programming With Intel Parallel Studio XE - 2012.pdf
Prentice Hall - Object Oriented Software-Composition.pdf
Reversing - Secrets Of Reverse Engineering (2005).pdf
Software Build Systems - Principles And Experience - 2011.pdf
Software Development Rhythms - 2008.pdf
Software Engineering - A Methodical Approach - 2014.pdf
Software Engineering for Game Developers By J.P.Flynt, O.Salem.pdf
Software Evolution and Maintenance.pdf
Successful Software Development 2nd Edition - 2000.pdf
Team Geek - A Software Developer S Guide To Working Well With Others - 2012.pdf
The Practice of Programming - B.W.Kernighan, R.Pike.pdf
Git For Teams - A User Centered Approach To Creating Efficient Workflows In Git - 2015.pdf
Git Fundamentals - 2014.pdf
Git Fundamentals.pdf
Git Recipes - A Problem Solution Approach - 2013.pdf
GIT Recipies.pdf
Git Version Control For Everyone - 2013.pdf
GitHub - Amplify Your Software Development With Social Coding - 2015.pdf
GitLab Cookbook - Over 60 Hands On Recipes To Efficiently Self Host Your Own Git Repository Using GitLab - 2014.pdf
Gitolite Essentials - 2014.pdf
Introducing GitHub - A Non Technical Guide - 2014.pdf
Packt Publishing Gitolite Essentials (2014).pdf
Pragmatic Guide To Git - 2010.pdf
Pragmatic Version Control Using Git - 2008.pdf
Pro Git, 2nd Edition.pdf
Version Control With Git - 2009.pdf
Version Control With Git 2nd Edition - 2012.pdf
Version control with git powerful tools and techniques for collaborative software development.pdf
Software Development And Professional Practice - 2011.pdf
Software Engineering for Students, 4th edition.pdf

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