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Advanced Bash Scripting Guide v6.3 2011.pdf
Apress Pro Bash Programming, Scripting the GNU-Linux Shell (2009).pdf
Bash Cookbook - Solutions And Examples For Bash Users - 2007.pdf
Bash Pocket Reference - 2010.pdf
Beginning Shell Scripting.pdf
Learning Shell Scripting With Zsh - 2014.pdf
Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible - 2008.pdf
Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible, 3rd Edition 2015.pdf
Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook - 2011.pdf
Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook 2nd Edition - 2013.pdf
Mastering Unix Shell Scripting, 2nd Edition.pdf
Mastering Unix Shell Scripting.pdf
Packt Publishing Learning Shell Scripting with Zsh (2014).pdf
Penetration Testing With The Bash Shell - Packt 2014.pdf
Pro Bash Programming - Scripting The Linux Shell - 2009.pdf
SAMS Linux Shell Scripting with Bash (2004).pdf
Shell Scripting - Expert Recipes For Linux Bash And More - Steve Parker 2011.pdf

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