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Amos 7.0 Users Guide.pdf
Brief Guide15.0.pdf
Business Statistics Demystified.pdf
Data Modeling.pdf
Fundamental Data Compression.pdf EvolCompDataMin.pdf
GPL Reference Guide.pdf
Handbook of Database Security Applications and Trends.pdf
Lecture notes in datamining.pdf
LectureNotesInAI dataminin Theory, Methodology, Techniques,.pdf
Making Sense Of Data - Wiley.pdf
ProgDataMgmt SPSS16.pdf
S.A.Becker - Effective Databases For Text And Document Management.pdf
SPSS 15.0 Algorithms.pdf
SPSS 15.0 Command Syntax Reference.pdf
SPSS Advanced Models 15.0.pdf
SPSS Base Users Guide 13 0.pdf
SPSS Base Users Guide 15.0.pdf
SPSS Brief Guide 13 0.pdf
SPSS Brief Guide 14.0.pdf
SPSS Categories 14.0.pdf
SPSS Classification Trees 13.0.pdf
SPSS Complex Samples 15.0.pdf
SPSS Conjoint 14.0.pdf
SPSS Data Preparation 15.0.pdf
SPSS Exact Tests 7.0.pdf
SPSS for Dummies.pdf
SPSS for Intermediate Statistics.pdf
SPSS Maps 10.0.pdf
SPSS Missing Value Analysis 7.5.pdf
SPSS Programming and Data Management,3rd Edition.pdf
SPSS Quantitative Data Analysis in Education.pdf
SPSS Regression Models 13.0.pdf
SPSS Statistics Base 17.0 users guide.pdf
SPSS Tables 14.0.pdf
SPSS Trends 14.0.pdf

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