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Advanced Analytics With Spark - Patterns For Learning From Data At Scale - 2015.pdf
Advanced Analytics with Spark Patterns for Learning from Data at Scale Early Release.pdf
Apache Hadoop YARN - Moving Beyond MapReduce And Batch Processing With Apache Hadoop 2 - 2014.pdf
Apache Mahout Cookbook - Piero Giacomelli.pdf
Apache Oozie - The Workflow Scheduler For Hadoop - 2015.pdf
Apache Sqoop Cookbook.pdf
Apress Pro Microsoft HDInsight, Hadoop on Windows (2014).pdf
Fast Data Processing With Spark - 2013.pdf
Fast Data Processing With Spark 2nd Edition - Perform Real Time Analytics Using Spark In A Fast Distributed And Scalable Way - 2015.pdf
Field Guide to Hadoop.pdf
Hadoop Application Architectures Preview Edition.pdf
Hadoop Beginner Guide - 2013.pdf
Hadoop Buyers Guide.pdf
Hadoop Illuminated - Mark Kerzner and Sujee Maniyam.pdf
Hadoop in Action - Chuck Lam 2010.pdf
HADOOP in Practice 2012 Manning.pdf
Hadoop MapReduce Cookbook - 2013.pdf
Hadoop MapReduce V2 Cookbook 2nd Edition - Explore The Hadoop MapReduce V2 Ecosystem To Gain Insights From Very Large Datasets - 2015.pdf
HADOOP MapReduce v2 Cookbook, 2nd Edition.pdf
Hadoop Operations - A Guide For Developers And Administrators - 2012.pdf
Hadoop Real World Solutions Cookbook - 2013.pdf
Hadoop The Definitive Guide 2nd Edition - 2010.pdf
Hadoop The Definitive Guide 3rd Edition - 2012.pdf
Hadoop The Definitive Guide 4th Edition - 2015.pdf
Learning Cloudera Impala.pdf
Learning SPARQL, 2nd Edition.pdf
Machine Learning with Spark.pdf
Mahout in Action.pdf
MapReduce Design Patterns - 2012.pdf
Mastering Hadoop - Go Beyond The Basics And Master The Next Generation Of Hadoop Data Processing Platforms - 2014.pdf
Packt Publishing Optimizing Hadoop for MapReduce (2014).pdf
Practical Hadoop Security - 2014.pdf
Pro Apache Hadoop 2nd Edition - 2014.pdf
Pro Hadoop - Build Scalable, Distributed Applications in the Cloud - APress 2009.pdf
Pro Microsoft HDInsight - Hadoop On Windows - 2014.pdf
Professional Hadoop Solutions - 2013.pdf
Programming Hive - Data Warehouse And Query Language For Hadoop - 2012.pdf
Programming Pig - Dataflow Scripting With Hadoop - 2011.pdf
Real World Hadoop - 2015.pdf
Securing Hadoop - 2013.pdf
Storm Blueprints Patterns For Distributed Real Time Computation - To Perform Big Data Processing And Analytics For Real World Use Cases - 2014.pdf
YARN, Moving beyond MapReduce and Batch Processing with Apache Hadoop 2 (2014) Addison-Wesley.pdf
ZooKeeper - Distributed Process Coordination - 2014.pdf

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