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Docker Containerization Cookbook_ Hot Recipes for Docker Automation.pdf
Docker for Data Science - Building Scalable and Extensible Data Infrastructure Around the Jupyter Notebook Server 2017.pdf
Docker In Action - 2016.pdf
Docker Networking Cookbook_ 60 practical recipes that help you gain expertise with Docker networking.pdf
Docker Up Running - Shipping Reliable Containers In Production - 2015.pdf
Learning Docker Networking.pdf
The DevOps 2.1 Toolkit Docker Swarm_ Building, Testing, Deploying, and Monitoring Services inside Docker Swarm Clusters.pdf
The Docker Book v1.10.3.pdf
Build Your Own PaaS With Docker - Create Modify And Run Your Own PaaS With Modularized Containers Using Docker - 2015.pdf
Docker Cookbook - Solutions And Examples For Building Distributed Applications - 2015.pdf
Extending Docker.pdf
Learning Docker - Optimize The Power Of Docker To Run Your Applications Quickly And Easily - 2015.pdf
Monitoring Docker.pdf
Orchestrating Docker - Manage And Deploy Docker Services To Containerize Applications Efficiently - 2015.pdf
Pro Docker - Learn How To Use Containers As A Service For Development And Deployment - 2015.pdf
Using Docker - Developing And Deploying Software With Containers - 2015.pdf

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