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A First Course in Artificial Intelligence - Deepak Khemani.pdf
Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach (3rd Edition).pdf
Artificial Intelligence for Marketing by Jim Sterne.pdf
Artificial Intelligence with Python - Prateek Joshi 2017.pdf
Artificial Neural Networks 2nd Edition.pdf
Artificial Neural Networks_ A Practical Course.pdf
B.Steele, J.Chandler, S.Reddy - Algorithms for Data Science - 2017.pdf
Boschetti A., Massaron L. - Python Data Science Essentials, 2nd Edition - 2016.pdf
Data Science Algorithms in a Week - Packt 2017.pdf
Data Science and Big Data Computing.pdf
Home Automation For Dummies - 1st Edition (2015).pdf
Igual L., Segui S. - Introduction to Data Science. A Python Approach to Concepts, Techniques and Applications - 2017.PDF
Intelligent Systems_ Approximation by Artificial Neural Networks.pdf
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Security Professionals.pdf
Joel Grus - Data Science From Scratch - First Principles with Python - 2015.pdf
MIT Press - Multiagent Systems - A Modern Approach to Distributed Artificial Intelligence.pdf
Neural data science - a primer with MATLAB and Python.pdf
Prentice Hall - Artificial Intelligence- A Modern Approach -Russell.pdf
Robotics and Automation in the Food Industry - Current and Future Technologies - Darwin G. Caldwell (WP, 2013).pdf
Swarm intelligence (2001).pdf
The Data Science Design Manual - 1E (2017).pdf
The Data Science Handbook - Cady 2017.pdf
VanderPlas J. - Python Data Science Handbook - 2017.pdf
When Computers Can Think - The Artificial Intelligence Singularity - 1st Edition (2015).pdf

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