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GOAL is a research centric open platform, ideal for every curious learner. Everyone can learn and apply knowledge and enhance skills in chosen work areas. GOAL is an acronym for Global Open Advanced Learning, or Go Online And Learn, or simply The GOAL Institute. GOAL is your platform to be on the forefront of technology.


Online Services - Read latest news, books, interact and collaborate with professionals.

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  • e-Councellor  (Under development)
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Cloud Portal E-library
Access services and resouces over the cloud, available during specific hours.
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Educational Courses

Several offerings of educational courses are available, through classroom teaching or virtually over the internet.

Trainer Connect
You may come as a student or a trainer on this platform. It is a common ground to expand your knowledge. Our associate instructors will do level best to upskill and guide you to your desired and deserved destination.


Let us know your requirements. If you are seeking guidance as an under-graduate, post-graduate, experienced professional, or looking for corporate training, reach us on +91 8586051945 via calling, SMS or WhatsApp.